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Founded in Geneva in 2016, Instens Live offers services based around three concepts carefully designed by our founding members. The first concept is to offer our clientele a tailor-made experience revolving around cultural events, either in Switzerland or abroad, such as concerts, festivals, theatre performances, or even exhibitions. We offer exclusive packages for corporate and private clients alike, bringing together various services including VIP accesses, overnight accommodation or meals, as well as transport, to and from the event accordingly.

Our next concept proposes day/weekend excursions and tours of custom made novel experiences, in-between locations such as Geneva, Monaco or London. Such experiences include visiting Haute Horlogerie manufacturing facilities, prestigious supercar factories such as Rolls Royce or Aston Martin, as well as renowned tradeshows.

The final concept proposed by Instens Live is to expertly organise your corporate events at exceptional venues, mainly in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, with distinctive, iconic and trustworthy partners.  Whether you wish to organise conference and business catering, seminars, product launches or fashion shows, even private screenings; with Instens Live, anything is possible!

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Agence événementiel pour l'organisation d'événements corporate sur mesure



In order to propose the best offers, we utilise a robust selection process to bring you a trusted network of partners offering pristine quality services. We are delighted to also include world-renowned entities from the luxury, automotive and sporting event industries amongst our trusted partners. This carefully selected and ever-growing network allows us to offer fully-customised requests, in Switzerland and abroad.

To offer unforgettable evenings, our official local partner is Live Music Production, the leader in concert production in Western Switzerland. Thus, we are able to guarantee you the best seats during the performance at the best prices, even when the show is sold-out. Lastly, we have established ourselves as the main partner of the Métropole Venue for corporations and individuals.

Organisation d'événements Corporate pour les entreprises de Suisse romande


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